Phone Readings


Often I am on the road  and I am not always available for face to face consultations. Phone readings are a great way of getting a reading. Phone Readings are NOT psychic readings and you will need to put some effort in and some time into your reading.

I specialise in Playing Cards only NOT TAROT. This type of reading is not a psychic reading nor is it anything like Tarot. Most customers find it very concise and very interesting. And there are no other ORACLE cards on the market in my opinion that can come anywhere close to what the Playing Cards can do!

If you are not a repeat customer you will need to BUY cards. This is PLAYING CARDS only and you can purchase them from a newsagency or a supermarket. QUEENS SLIPPER is what I recommend. 52 cards and two Jokers.

I need you to BOOK this in with me by ringing me on 0417 249 369. I will read generally from TUESDAY to THURSDAY from 5PM to 9pm. You can make special arrangements with me to ring you at a different time to fit in with your work commitments. I ring all my customers at my own expense.

I do have people who ring wanting some type of psychic reading – I don’t do this. My phone readings require a little planning.

COST: $85.00 for a hour by phone.

You will need to shuffle cards for 20 minutes. There is a process for this card reading and I will explain this to you by phone. This reading is not a psychic reading – I DO NOT CHARGE BY THE MINUTE. I will give you a BSB and a BANK ACCOUNT for you to place money in. You need to leave the last 6 digits of your mobile with the bank so I can identify whether you have paid.

Also please familiarise yourself with the cards nothing is harder than someone saying the black three leaf clover thingy!


ALL READINGS MUST BE BOOKED IN WITH ME. Arrangements must be made for me to ring you once you have purchased Playing Cards.

Phone Readings are a unique way of getting a card reading. I think my accuracy is better as I am relaxed and not easily interrupted. Most of the time I can read for people within 24 hours.

phone readings are a great way of getting a reading when I am not in your town.

RING 0417 249 369

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