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CARTOMANCY Card Readings – Prediction with playing cards has many variations and is about 700 years old. Invasion Of The Playing Cards came  about the year  1200. There are many theories of where the cards suddenly appeared, but not one historian can categorically trace their origins. Out of the blue, Soldiers, Sailors, Travellers, Gypsies and the Clergy had card decks. Cards were easily carried about in pockets and leant themselves to a great forum for art work, marketing, political and religious messages. In one part of history women abandoning  In 1379 the Spanish had the cards introduced and the Spanish/Hebrew Name is Nabaa or Nabai which means to “Foretell With Authority”.

I own a COVERED WAGON and I tour around predicting events with playing cards.

There are a number of different styles to read cards and predict.


In the course of 5 years I have learnt thousands of formations. These formations depict LIFE ISSUES and LIFE SCENARIOS.

I am a big believer in FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED and the cards do forewarn us. Many of my customers ask me what is the point of knowing the future or even the past. Its simple, when we have hind sight we are in a better position to prevent or avoid issues. There is a saying “If I knew then what I know now I would of done it differently” basically its about HINDSIGHT. The cards help us have an understanding of what is about to occur and I have developed a theory on how they work.

My view after 20 years working with people as a Social Worker and a Card Reader that there is nothing more debilitating than a person caught totally unawares, never having an inkling of some awful fate lying around the corner. Being totally unprepared. FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED has a poignant meaning for me.


The theory is very simple. Science tells us that FREQUENCY that our brain makes contains sound waves, light waves, atoms, protons etc. Science tells us that this information is information but SCIENCE does not know what it is. Now this theory acknowledges that our brains are making past, present and future connections (PREDICTING THE RESULT) 24 hours a day from our birth to our death. This data has to be stored somewhere and I believe its stored in the frequency our brains make. Science tells us also that we all leave BLUE PRINTS on everything we touch. I give my customers a new deck of cards and get my customers to shuffle for 20 minutes, leaving a blue print on the cards. The result is somehow I decode this frequency with cards and the formations of the cards tells me information. 18 months in the past and approximately 18 months in the future. Many of my customers come back and are repeat customers. There are thousands of people who swear that apart from them, I can tell them intimate and personal things about their lives that only they would know.


I am not a PSYCHIC or a MEDIUM. I don’t speak with the dead. I view what I do as completely different from what PSYCHICS or MEDIUMS do. This WEB SITE will share some of my views and theories.

See you somewhere at a FESTIVAL or SHOW, drop by and say Hi.

Forewarned is Forearmed

Miss Gypsy Whitemoon