I am not a psychic, medium or clairvoyant. I don’t like it when people lump me in the same box as these people. I don’t personally believe in Mediums or Psychics. It is not to say that psychic ability does not exist, and there are examples such as thinking of someone and them ringing later. However I do believe that Palm Reading, Tea Leaf Readings and Card Readings have merit and on a level can be explained . As for the rest I really have not had an experience where I walked away astounded at what the Psychic/Medium knew.

I am not an expert on Palm Reading or Tea Leaf reading. Although interesting Palm Reading has its origins in China. Tea Leaf reading will not work if you don’t drink tea from the cup. Just like coffee grounds.

My version of card reading does rely on a process. Firstly a customer receives a new deck of cards – secondly they must shuffle for twenty minutes. They must not let anybody ouch them but them. All the cards have meanings and upside down another meaning but in card combinations another meaning. So the life issues that the cards depict are varied. Access and Custody issues, Property issues, deceased estates  taxation, insurance and work cover, working in government departments , mining formations, infidelity and cheating, banks, money and embezzlement, criminal matters, personality disorders, missing people . You name it if one predict with cards all the time and has experience with thousands of people the card formations are endless. Some believe there is 187 thousand million million card formations if not more. I know a lot. I have been trying to record all of  them. I try and record ten a day. I do experiments and cross reference and I am satisfied that what I do is far from psychic.

So the theory is very simple. FREQUENCY contains sound waves, light waves, mass, atoms etc and this is information. That is a SCIENTIFIC FACT! that’s it and the other facts are that all human beings leave a blue print on what they touch. Further your brain is making connections of past, present and future all the time. Your brain never stops making connections.

When people say “I don’t believe in what you do”. I want to laugh. Since I am the only person saying these theories and I don’t profess to be a psychic. What I do or don’t do unless you have spoken to me – you are talking about something you don’t know about! you are coming from a position of ignorance. You are placing me in the same category as the psychics I don’t relate to ! .

 I am the only person in Australia who foretells with ordinary playing cards my style. I believe that your energy is unique and that your information of your world is in your energy. Quantum Physics tells us that energy contains particles, nucleus, sound waves and light waves. It stands to reason that your energy contains information. I believe its your past, present and future and will go to the grave proving that I do not borderline between a con artist and a fool.

People often say they cant conceive the theory. And that’s ok, 50 years ago the IPHONE could not be even be imagined or the many other technologies we enjoy today. Often in this world something exists we just have not developed the tools to understand it.

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